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    Polo Rosas

    Polo grew up in Mexico and he loves showing off his passion for Mexican culture to his clients from around the world. In addition to the delicacies, the host and his musicians offer clients the possibility to escape to far away Mexico through a musical journey.
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    Claudia Rosas

    Claudia can be found in the hotel's reception every day. With great commitment, she is in charge of making sure that the hotel guests feel right at home. She grew up in Interlaken and knows all of the region's treasures. She'll give you great tips so you don't miss out on any tourist spot during your stay.
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    Jessica works in the restaurant, in the reception and, sometimes, in the kitchen. She provides dynamic and skilled help for her parents, also contributing her own ideas.
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    Sr. Pech

    Mister Pech changes his homeland, Cozumel (Mexico), for beautiful Switzerland 10 months each year and is in charge of ensuring that the dinner guests are satisfied. He knows Mexican and Yucatan cuisine to perfection.
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    Mónica is from Colombia and supports the El Azteca team, whether at the front of the restaurant or in the kitchen, wherever a helping hand is needed. She takes care for clients' well being with an affectionate and perky personality.
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    Eddy has Swiss-Philippine roots and provides a warm welcome to El Azteca's clients, always with a smile on his face. Almost nothing can get him down.
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